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Long Night's Moon can help you reveal your hidden gifts and latent abilities!

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Long Night's Moon Essence in its frozen state

Many people travel through life on a rather superficial path and have never explored past their mundane, everyday existence, unaware of who they truly are or that they have latent gifts awaiting them—but the truth is, everyone has personal gifts. Eventually, for some, there comes a time when they begin to question, “What is it that I’m missing? Why have I been stuck in this lifestyle that’s not serving me? Why have I wasted my time working at a job that I don’t even enjoy? There has to be more to life than just this day-to-day monotonous grind.”

Using Long Night’s Moon Essence before sleep or meditation can take your awareness deep into the unconscious realms where your unknown and forgotten gifts lie dormant. Pay special attention to your dream messages and what they may reveal to you. The frequency of Long Night’s Moon seeks out your sleeping potentials and sparks them to life—not unlike the sperm that fuses with the egg.

This activation takes place on very deep levels of self, so yes, a gestation period will follow. It will take time for them to awaken and come up and take form, but they will make themselves known to you in your waking life and you will discover that there definitely is more to life!

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