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What Are Vibrational Essences?

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Vibrational Essences are energetic in nature. Flower Essences are one of the most commonly known form of essences. The bloom of a plant is the beginnings of the seed or fruit. The blossom holds within its essence, the pattern information for the physical expression of the plant and the possibilities of new growth and further expression. Just as each of the cells in our human systems carry information about the workings of our whole being, so does the blossom contain all information of an entire plant.

Just as we express our emotional selves outwardly through our physical bodies, so does a plant burst forth into expression through the colour, shape and texture of its blossoms. In working with Flower Essences we have the opportunity to re-order and balance our emotional energies. Flower Essences begin their work on the emotional level, creating colour, scent, and sensation, assisting us with the corresponding balance we seek in our emotional and sensual well-being. It's like the essence is asking our bodies to follow the original healing pattern of the flower.

When creating a flower essence, the vibrational healing pattern of the flower is released and imprinted into a bowl water, using the energies of the sun or moon. After sitting in nature for the allotted time to complete the infusion, the water is then proportionately preserved in alcohol (generally brandy) or vinegar. This is what is referred to as a Mother Essence.


Drops of a Mother Essence are now added to smaller spritzer bottles containing distilled water and brandy (or Jojoba oil for roll-on essences). This dilution of a Mother Essence allows easy access for individual use..


Each plant has a specific task within the ecosystem and will follow its pattern to completion. Dandelion, for example, is known to be a cleanser. It draws in from the soil surrounding its roots, taking in impurities that are not life-promoting and transforming them into energies that enhance and support the ecosystem. As they thrive and mature, these plants carry their healing action to deeper and deeper levels, cleansing the soil. In using Dandelion Flower Essence in our own healing, we have the potential to access and reactivate this same pattern within our own system on an energetic or vibrational level. Your personal intention is very important when working with essences.

Generally, essences born in sunlight relate to the logical, daytime consciousness, while the moonlit essences correspond to the emotional, night-time consciousness—although this is not a hard and fast rule.

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Over 2 decades ago I asked nature to teach me all about flower essences and gem elixirs. Nature responded—and now I witness all sorts of magic!

I had a burning passion and sincere intentions. Nature was magical to me and I wanted to know how this magic happens. What is this incredible intelligence we call nature? I wanted to crack all the codes! I needed to be part of this—and all I had to do was ask. Indeed, nature continues to teach me all about life on this planet and beyond.


When I co-create a wintertime essence and leave the essence outdoors in the elements overnight, many times nature will show me its form within the frozen ice. This particular essence, Winter Moon, shows itself as a bridge. I so wish I had set up a time-lapse camera so I could witness this essence forming—moment by moment, crystal upon crystal!


Water is the foundation of all life forms here on Earth. When water is diffused or shaken, its molecules vibrate rapidly. The basic molecular structure of water allows it to take in any properties that it comes in contact with. It accepts and encloses any element it touches, accommodating without judgment or discrimination. It is from this ability to accept all that is, that all life emerges.

A simple exercise will demonstrate how flower essences work within the system. Drop a pebble into a puddle of water. Notice how the vibration goes outward from the pebble in rings. When the last ring touches the outer perimeter, or container  of the water, the action reverses and the rings all come back to the center—like waves

reaching a shoreline. The vibrational flow of the water has been changed because a new vibration has been added. Every stone and crystal has its own frequency or rhythm that flows outward from its core and back in, as do the plants and all of Earth's children. When any vibrational energy or healing pattern, such as that of a stone or a flower petal, is added, it causes a vibration in water; the water takes in and accommodates this new vibration—it is transferred into the water, thereby changing the vibration of the whole.

Our body/system is a container and it's mostly full of water. When you use an essence, a vibrational healing pattern, our system accepts and accommodates this new vibration. Using a vibrational essence is like asking our system to do what the Earth's patterns are asking them to—to follow the vibrational pattern to produce a healing and balancing effect.


The intention of the essence maker co-creating with nature is also a strong factor in their healing effects, as the essence maker as the conduit through which the energies travel into the essence water. Holding sacred space, clear consciousness and a trust in nature allows the process to begin at the right time and place and invites in the corresponding elements required to co-create the essences. It is the willingness to find balance and to learn from the Earth herself that allows the elements to assist.

By learning to identify the imbalances in the patterns or imprints we have adopted and have been following throughout our lives we can find a corresponding healing pattern in nature to assist ourselves in returning to our original healthy blueprint.

Other types of essences include Gem Elixirs, created by adding the vibration of stones and crystals to essence water. There is also a wide range of vibrational essences; including those created using the different vibrations of the winds, the sun, the moon, planetary events, or the frequency of place, such as the energies at Stonehenge, for example. Storm essences, co-created during different types of storms, such as those with driving rain, thunder and lightning, can be helpful to the human system when working to clear blockages or the clear the emotional system of old, ingrained imprints and core issues. These types of essences are also great for atmospheric cleansing in the household, workplace or treatment rooms..


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Using Influential Vibrations Essences is very easy. For spray essences, after stating your intention of what issue you intend to heal and what changes you would like to make, simply spritz the essence into your aura or onto your skin. One spritz of an essence is sufficient. Continue to use the essence 3 times per day for 3 days, or until you see desired changes occurring (unless the essence has other special directions written in the definition. 

For roll-on essences, simply roll a small amount on pulse points. Desired pulse points are inside your wrists, inner elbows, behind the knees. Essences can also be applied to chakra centers. Continue to roll-on 3 times per day for 3 days or until you experience desired changes.


When using atmospheric cleansing essences or elixirs, simply spritz the essence into the immediate environment.

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