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Each of our Essences and Gem Elixirs are available in your choice of

Liquid Oil Roll-on, Solid Roll-on or Spray


We chose Jojoba carrier oil for our unscented Liquid Roll-ons. Each essence comes in a beautiful glass Rose Gold bottle

with metal roller ball.

KD SOL_edited_edited.jpg

Each essence is infused into a pure blend of Beeswax, Pure Almond Oil, silky Shea Butter & Vegan/Kosher Emulsifying Wax in our unscented 'Pulse Points'

Solid Roll-ons.

SS SPRAY (2).jpg

Our Spray Essences are preserved in Distilled Water and Brandy Alcohol in a lovely white frosted glass bottle with gold accent.

(Sprays available only in Canada)

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