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Liquid Gold Elixir can assist with mental clarity and with manifesting future possibilities.

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Gold nugget

A shiny nugget of Gold was added to these elixir waters. The mineral, Gold, is a powerful conductor of pure, positive energies. Liquid Gold Elixir was born during a Perseid meteor shower under a bright, perigee moon (otherwise known as a supermoon). The meteor shower affected the gravitational pull on the planet as it brought new stardust to Earth—stardust overflowing with potential—fresh, raw material for us to manifest with!


Liquid Gold Elixir makes a direct connection to the infinite possibilities and probabilities of the cosmos, enabling us to personally tap into an endless cache of awaiting opportunities.

For those looking to the future to access and manifest something new and original, something not yet formed on the Earth, try adding this vibration to your mix! Perhaps you have a desire to reshape your relationships, manifest a dream job, or you may have a new business venture in mind.

You might wish to turn your entire life around and redesign your personal future. Writers, visionaries and entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators, artists, scientists and designers can all benefit from the vibration of this elixir.

Liquid Gold Elixir is an excellent aid in the emotional realms, helping to clear up the fog or to turn around destructive  feelings that are detrimental to well-being. It may also be beneficial to the dreamer or astral traveler when exploring the other realms for probabilities and opportunities, or during meditation and prayer.

I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

what I've learned over the years in a series of online courses. If you're interested

in learning more, you can visit my courses here:

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