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Kundalini Dance fosters hope and can assist you in balancing your masculine and feminine energies.

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A deeply vibrant essence, Kundalini Dance comes from a place beyond words. This essence was birthed beneath the moon as the Northern Lights danced directly overhead in a sea of brilliant red, enveloped in a rainbow of soft, shimmering, iridescent hues. This was the manifestation in our skies as intense solar flares burst forth from the sun and our planet responded with her equally passionate magnetism. The breathtaking reflection symbolizes the ongoing dance of balance between the masculine and feminine energies within the universe and within ourselves.


The addition of Ruby and Rutilated Quartz crystals into the essence waters intensifies the effects. The vibration of Rutilated Quartz is stimulating and electric, while Ruby personifies the core of the root chakra—primal life-force energy.

Stimulating the vibrating, undulating, movement of the root chakra, this is an essence of the hope of life. During times of chaos and depression when hopelessness surrounds and you find yourself sinking into its reality, Kundalini Dance reminds you that life is an ongoing dance. For those who feel they are disconnected from their emotional body or feeling detached from the physical realm, this essence may assist in stimulating life-force energy; magnetically drawing their spirit essence deeply within self and securely to the earth. As well, in times of loneliness and longing Kundalini Dance could be just the love potion you need to attract a dance partner!

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