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Heart Song can assist you to release judgement of self, others, and faulty belief systems.

heart 2nd inf upload.png

There is so much prejudice and hatred toward others in our world today. On a daily basis we are faced with discrimination against ethnicity and national origin, gender and sexism, religion, political affiliation, weight, age, social stratification… the list seems endless.

The dark heart of humanity is showing itself. People are imagining enemies everywhere and it seems as if many are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We truly are all one diverse race, like cells in one body, if you will, but much of humanity is acting like this huge immune system on high alert—ultimately attacking itself.

We don’t see the Earth take out an entire forest because one tree is different, has an imbalance or a molecular dis-order. The ecosystem allows diversity and will do its very best to bring healing to the tree if it is needed. And just think; your body is part of the ecosystem, part of the Earth’s body, so perhaps it's a good idea to follow the planet's guidance.

heart 1st inf upload.png

Heart Song Essence in its frozen neutral state.

Heart Song is intended for anyone whose desire is for a better way forward for humanity; a world with equality, balance. It is for those who want to infuse the world with empathy and compassion and a loving heart—for those of us who are willing to look at our judgements, conscious and unconscious, no matter how small, and unburden our hearts.

This essence was set out under a full moon on two consecutive evenings. The first night was a time for preparation. The Earth, moon, planets and elements worked their magic and brought the essence waters into state of balance. Think of it as the essence now sitting in a pure, neutral state. On the second evening, the essence was infused with action. It’s back to nature’s boot camp—time to reset, re-learn, re-train! And she will teach you!

When using this essence, you can expect a two-part process. Using your intention, give the essence direction as to what healing you intend to do. A simple statement is perfect, such as, “_____ is what I intend to change or bring healing to.”

Vibrational essences begin working with you on the  emotional level. So, first, your judgements and discriminations and faulty belief systems will come to the surface and you will be inclined to look at them, feel them, and work with them until you begin to see others in a different light. Once you reach the state of neutrality, the vibration of Heart Song offers you new understandings, new patterns to put into place—patterns that are in alignment with a loving heart and the beautiful soul that you truly are.

HS SOL_edited.jpg

Many of the vibrational essences I co-create with nature will show me what they are capable of assisting humanity with, or 'what their medicine is', so to speak. They are able show me visually in the form of ice if the essence is

left to freeze.

In the above photo, taken after the initial, first infusion, notice the line up the center of the ice. This shows us that the essence will be a balanced vibration. 

2nd inf2.png
2nd inf1.png

Taken from two different angles, these photos show the ice crystals that formed above the Apophyllite cluster that was used in the essence. The formed ice crystals are the physical representation of the new patterns or 'codes' aligned with health and well-being. 

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I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

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