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Mandala Essence is an excellent assistant for wherever your life is lacking balance or realignment!

mandala chosen.png

This essence was prepared and set out in a patch of Self-heal flowers, growing in a little forest area on our property, during a partial lunar eclipse. The Self-heal plant has been used for centuries as a healing herb for many complaints, both internally and externally. A red Ruby was added to the essence waters to carry the healing vibration to deeper levels. When I later retrieved the essence, I discovered that nature had added a Dandelion leaf. Dandelion has also been traditionally used for a myriad of issues on many levels. 

When I’m preparing to set this essence, I welcome in helpers from the other realms—the stones, the plants, the elementals, etc. (and I always express my gratitude for their assistance!). This particular time, as I set the essence bowl down on the earth and I closed my eyes to help focus, I immediately saw the image of a Self-heal blossom in my inner vision. It appeared as a photo negative, but in brilliant, glowing colours.

Eyes closed, I watched the flower image gently flow apart into pieces and then come back together in a beautiful mandala pattern. This moving image replayed over and over again, and each time, I was shown a different mandala design. It was like a kaleidoscope of luminous patterns and living colours, and it wasn’t me turning the dial!

mandala chosen close up.png

My vision was showing me; what goes out of alignment within the design can be brought back into alignment within the design—what has become imbalanced can be brought back into balance. Life and its patterns are a fluid and ever-changing movement; a constant state of re-ordering and readjusting.

This essence vibration reminds me of an ancient practice undertaken by Tibetan monks where they create intricate and elaborate sand mandalas, each with intention of bringing healing to our planet and all of her inhabitants. A form of meditation and prayer, this ritual can take weeks or even months for a team to complete a mandala. Once finished, every particle of sand, each containing the pattern of the whole, is gathered up together again, and traditionally, a portion of the sand is taken to a water source, such as a river,

where it is dispersed into the flowing water as an offering.  In healing, Mandala Essence may be used for personal issues, to bring relief and healing to many areas of your life that have become imbalanced. It may be offered to houseplants, trees, a garden environment, an ecosystem, or the entire planet. You can offer its healing effects to your community or village, or to different parts of our world that are experiencing unrest and upheaval; all with the intention to bring harmony and peace. You can even offer it to loved ones on the other side.

I cannot say how many mandalas I witnessed during the vision, as the pieces disbursed and realigned so quickly, but what is certain is that Mandala Essence holds the vibration of many healing patterns. Just what patterns are included and shared with us remains to be seen. One would need to experiment and experience its healing effects.

mandala chosen.png

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