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Heart Blossom Essence deals with heartbreak and emotions that haven't had time to fully express and heal.


A bright supermoon blessed this essence with its drawing action. A double-terminated Quartz Enhydro and a Charoite stone were added to the essence. Enhydro crystals contain water as part of their make-up, and they speak of the water within; in this case, stagnant emotion within the individual. As the Enhydro crystal used in this essence is double-terminated, that means there are two available streams for emotion to move out through your system in a steady flow. The vibration of Charoite then draws in laughter, mirth, and the sense of well-being. 


Heart Blossom deals with disappointment, grief and residual pain, sometimes hidden on deep levels; perhaps passed over or pushed down because you were too busy just surviving in today’s chaotic world. Or maybe it’s not even yours. It’s possible that you took these emotions on during childhood. For example, perhaps your parents had relationship issues and you felt responsible, as many children do, and you took on the negative feelings. Over time, these impressions can become embedded and can affect your future relationships. Or it could be that you are carrying the imprints of your ancestors’ hardships or heartbreak from the past.


However the flow of love was impeded, the emotion is not looking for someone to take ownership, or even responsibility for its presence. Emotion is movement and it is yearning for expression—and only you can let it go and set it free.


The imagery that accompanies this essence is of a gentle heart blossoming. The essence vibration can help to draw the held energies to the surface. As emotions begin to flow, they gently push the heart open like the petals of a flower, allowing the residual grief and pain of heartbreak to move out into expression, as the blossoms drink in the sunlight that nourishes and heals a weary heart.

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