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Gold & Ruby Infusion is wonderful for deep grounding and focus!

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The mineral, Gold, is a powerful conductor of pure, positive energies. Red Ruby has a strong connection to vitality and is an excellent grounding stone and manifesting aid.

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Gold & Ruby is a very grounding elixir with a strong frequency. Its vibration can help to  keep you focused and centered by drawing your energies down deeply into the core of your being and infusing your roots right in with the earth, and its effects are immediate. Gold & Ruby can also assist you with any manifesting endeavors by grounding your intentions and conducting the necessary energies along smoothly throughout the process. 

Providing an excellent anchor for the unconscious self, Gold & Ruby is the ideal helper to use during meditation. It is also wonderful for use any time fear, panic or stress pulls you out of your body, to gently bring you back in and settle your energies down. Gold & Ruby is also the perfect night-time companion as you travel through the different dreamtime realms and bring the information back into the conscious mind.

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