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Autumn Fairy Ring Essence can assist in manifesting new possibilities!


Ready for something new and exciting in your life? Then step into the ring—the fairy ring! This essence was brought through in a fairy ring of mushrooms that popped up overnight, magically appearing in response to the happenings in our skies overhead! It just so happened that a Perseids meteor shower was at its peak, bringing new light to Earth—many new patterns of possibility straight from the stars!


Autumn Fairy Ring is for use in times when you know you need something new in your life but haven’t any idea of what you’re looking for. Or perhaps you know you need to make changes but, again, no clue as to what they might be. Could it be because what you’re looking for has never been manifested on the Earth plane before? Absolutely, it could!


This clear and balanced essence vibration can assist you to draw in new and original ideas, creativity, exciting options and new directions! The frequency of a double-terminated Rutilated Quartz is also in the essence to amplify its effects and accurately direct its vibration to whatever area of your life the essence is needed.

AFR SPRAY_edited.jpg

With direct connections to the stars and to the fantastical fairy realms, this vibration can bring the sort of resolution where you’ll know for sure what your next book is going to be about, you’ll be certain what your next painting will be, or perhaps you’ll be absolutely sure of what you want to do for the next period of your life! I hope you like surprises, because it’s all contained right there in the fairy ring, just waiting to be manifested into your life!

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