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Celestial Navigator Essence can help you to find your right place.

Images of Celestial Navigator Essence in its frozen state.

The planets Jupiter and Venus are represented by the two vortexes in the above images.

This essence was born in the evening as Jupiter and Venus converged in our skies overhead, their combined energies creating a magnetic field. A map of the stars, this very deep vibration holds an extremely focused intention—the pattern for a healthy, loving society, and it can assist you in discovering your right place within society or within the collective consciousness.

If you’ve ever wondered, Where exactly do I best fit into the bigger picture? What is my right path? How can I contribute and be part of building a healthy world? What line of work would best benefit me, personally, while allowing me to be an asset to my work place? then this essence might be just what you’re looking for! Simply ask your question and begin using the essence.

Jupiter holds the image of the magnetic collective as Venus pulls your energy into alignment with what is needed and illuminates your path, showing you where your personal talents best fit in to the benefit of yourself and the whole.

The essence vibration can be directed to discover the best fit for you in the world, your immediate community, your place of work, or other avenues of your life. Larger groups of people would also benefit from the vibration of this essence, perhaps to discover the right path for their community. 

celestial naviagator framed.png

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