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Alchemy Elixir is a wonderful manifesting aid if you're looking for a new beginning!

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Alchemy Elixir was born during a solar eclipse, with the new moon in Leo. A manifesting aid, its vibration is powerful, fiery, creative, playful and confident, and it just might initiate many magical beginnings! It is perfect for use when launching a new venture, to awaken to the myriad of possibilities and unlimited potentials available—and it has the ability to provide the energy needed to carry it forward!


Try using Alchemy Elixir before sleep, to slip into dream realms you have yet to explore, or when beginning a new relationship, an adventure, when buying a home, starting a new job, or for beginning a whole new direction in your life!

Alchemy Elixir contains the vibration of a double-terminated Quartz Scepter wand. It is well known that Quartz is a transmitter of information in the form of light waves or frequencies. A double-termination allows a crystal to send and receive information from both ends or points simultaneously. Since a Scepter point is multi-faceted, light is sent out and received through every facet in all directions. This makes it a very busy crystal!


A Sunstone was added as well. Sunstone, with its reddish-golden hues of the manifesting realms, also carries inclusions of Hematite, a reflective stone known for stability and its grounding abilities. Sunstone is quite capable of reaching great depths in the manifesting realms, bringing with it an abundance of golden light to illuminate the darkness and reflect back to us what hidden gems it discovers there.  


A Peristerite Moonstone was also added. This beautiful Moonstone is imbued with iridescent rainbows, and this ensures that its energies will ripple through all of the colour frequencies imaginable. Moonstone’s energies also work well in the dream realms, where all things are possible.

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