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The frequency of Star Ruby Elixir offers relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety.

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This elixir was made with a beautiful Star Ruby cabochon. Whenever you work with a gem that has an asteriated star visible in its aura, you can know that you’re opening up to another reality—a gossamer reality that’s not quite physical, and understandably, dreamy.


Star Ruby Elixir was born under a waxing moon on a quiet winter’s night. As if forming a dome around you, its effects are gentle, calming and tranquil. It is a wonderful elixir to use when creating space for a deep, relaxing experience, such as meditation, massage, or personal ceremony. Star Ruby is also an effective room spray to calm the atmosphere. Practitioners will certainly welcome its effects in treatment rooms.


Its vibration is perfect to soothe children at bedtime, after a nightmare, or during times when they’re feeling irritable, over-excited, or have experienced any type of emotional upset. Star Ruby may also be calming to pets who are recovering from illness, surgery, or otherwise experiencing distress.   


Spritz your aura or roll it on your pulse points anytime you’re experiencing stress and anxiety to soften and settle your energies. When you really need some peaceful alone-time, add Star Ruby Elixir to your bath water, set some candles alight, and allow its soothing rays to soak in.

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