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Soul Slumber can help expand your dreamspace and take you dreaming into the landscape of your soul!

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There was a full Supermoon in our skies during a full lunar eclipse on the evening this essence was born. A dreamer’s potion, Soul Slumber is sure to help open up and expand your dream realms!

For many people, their dreams are simply about sorting out their everyday happenings, their current thoughts and feelings, and putting it all into some sort of order. For the avid dreamer, having dreams such as this night after night can become monotonous after a while. The vibration of Soul Slumber just may carry you deeper into the dream realms, deeper within your unconscious mind, deeper within self—amplifying and altering your dreamspace to allow for much more depth and breadth. In essence, it takes you more into your soul life.

Pulling your consciousness ever deeper, you will find yourself on cosmic adventures and quests; many resulting in rich, vivid, almost tactile, lucid dreams. The essence vibration assists in bringing in from the cosmos whatever your psyche is needing in this moment of your life. After profound dreams of this nature, you are more apt to recall your dreams with clarity and be left with a feeling that you know with certainty what you need to do, where you need to go, and what needs to be brought into your waking life.

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