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The vibration of Pink Lemurian Elixir helps to ease stress, lessening the effects of depression,

while generating a sense of hope.

Close-up of Pink Lemurian crystal in frozen essence waters


Born under a full supermoon during a lunar eclipse, the vibration of Pink Lemurian Elixir can provide much-needed relief on the emotional level to those experiencing bouts of hopelessness or seasonal affective disorder, and may be of assistance with depression, post-traumatic stress or similar issues.

This elixir stimulates an abundance of joy, excitement and hopefulness—all from within yourself.  It's about getting back in touch with your personal hopes and dreams and rediscovering the many possibilities and potentials of your unfulfilled desires. They are still within you somewhere and this elixir can assist to reactivate and revitalize those dreams, allowing them to burst forward and make positive changes in your life today!

You can purchase Pink Lemurian Elixir in our Shop

I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

what I've learned over the years in a series of online courses. If you're interested

in learning more, you can visit my courses here:

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