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The frequency of Quicksilver Moon is brimming with optimism, strength, courage and balance.


Born in our heart chakra garden bed on Samhain, the ancient Celtic feast that symbolizes transformation, death and rebirth, this powerfully deep elixir has a wide range of healing actions and combines well with many other essences. 

Quicksilver Moon Elixir may be able to assist us through difficult transitions by gathering and drawing the strength and courage we require when making constructive changes in our lives. It is especially supportive when we desire changes but procrastinate because we simply do not feel strong enough to implement them. The elixir begins vibrating from the center of our being and flows out in all directions, quickening, deepening and balancing the energies.

Quicksilver Moon may assist in various situations where we have become dependent, either on another individual, a substance, situation, or worn-out belief system. This spell-breaking elixir helps us awaken, as if from the false glamour of a drugged sleep, to our own misplaced strength and truth, enabling us to make the leap back to light and love again.

On the mental level, Quicksilver Moon helps us to rekindle optimism and strength to make important decisions and follow them through. This can be of immense help in overcoming destructive habits and addictions. A very timely elixir, Quicksilver Moon enables the emotions to jump beyond old imprinted patterns of the past and respond to the now.

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