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The vibration of Fairy Frost Essence brings much happiness and laughter into your life!

FF1 resized2_edited.jpg

Fairy Frost with its frozen ripples

Fairy Frost Essence is for use during times when you’re stressed out or feeling the need for a spark of creativity, more playfulness and laughter—a deeper connection with the more joyful, whimsical realms!

A vision accompanies this essence of fairies and fauns dancing, spiraling and flowing round and round in a circle; spinning so fast that it creates sparks to mimic the shooting stars in the night-time sky above. The feeling tone of the evening this elixir was born is celebration, as the winter forest had just opened up! For the little people this dance is a ritual—a ritual of play! As if perfectly choreographed, every step, every movement is purposeful, and yet, it is inborn in these beings—it is part of the very fabric of who they are!

FF6 resized_edited_edited.jpg

Fairy Frost shows the effects of the dance as it freezes into form during the night.

Fairy Frost can be a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling bored or disgruntled with life. It can be used, for instance, before an interview that you are feeling nervous and anxious about, just to help you lighten up a bit. Or perhaps you’ve committed to attend a function but, secretly, you really don’t want to go—just a hint of Fairy Frost will ensure that you at least have a great time while you’re there. It’s not long-lasting—perhaps just long enough for a celebration. It won’t help to pull someone out of deep depression and there are no permanent changes or effects, but it can be used frequently in times when things start to pull you down.

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