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Earthshine Elixir can assist you to hold your focus or intention when accomplishing a task

or when manifesting your desires.

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This elixir was born during a period of earthshine, which happens when the sun reflects off the surface of the earth and lights up and reveals the unlit portion, or darker silhouette, of the waxing moon.

Earthshine Elixir has an amazing ability to hold focus. A Rutilated Quartz sphere was added to the elixir waters. The energies within the elixir travel along the lines of Rutile as they are amplified and propelled forward by the frequency of Quartz. While assisting with clarity, the elixir also lends its forceful nature when it comes to setting your intention to accomplish a task and follow it through to completion. It’s a great assistant to help you out with any manifesting endeavors!

Earthshine Elixir can be helpful to students who have a paper due, for example, or to an author or editor facing a deadline. Whether you’re easily distracted, tend to procrastinate often, or are a wandering gypsy at heart who struggles to stay on your chosen life path, Earthshine Elixir may help to illuminate the trail until you reach your desired outcome or destination!

Earthshine Elixir is available in

roll-on, solid or spray

You can purchase Earthshine Elixir in our Shop

I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

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