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Crystal Mountain Myst's vibration offers relief from shock, trauma, stress, panic attacks.

This essence was brought through over 20 years ago and I have used it faithfully throughout the years, and it never fails to provide relief! It is a wintertime ice essence; meaning it was left outside overnight to freeze naturally in the center of our spiral garden. This was the first time an essence showed me its form as an ice sculpture, created by nature. It froze, crystal upon crystal, throughout the night and in the morning a small ice mountain had emerged out of the essence waters. Sadly, I don't have a photo of this essence in its frozen state.

crystal mountain myst framed.png

Crystal Mountain Myst Essence is intended for emotional clarity, which then allows for mental clarity. Imagine your emotions are a storm brewing; clouds are moving in, rain is falling, winds are blowing, and you can’t see the way ahead. The effect of this essence is like the parting of the clouds to allow the sun to shine through and dry things up, making it clear and calm.

Crystal Mountain Myst can be an effective treatment for shock, as in cases of accident, or at any time the emotions are in turmoil. Its vibration is beneficial in times of depression, anxiety or grief, when you are unable to make clear decisions due to too many emotions churning at once. It is also effective in helping to calm children’s disruptive behaviour, such as when they’ve had too much sugar!

Crystal Mountain Myst Essence does not dissipate the emotions, put them on hold or suppress them, as some other essences do (although at times this action may be preferable and even necessary); rather, it helps to keep the emotions moving but at a much slower pace, drawing them upward through the system, into the conscious mind. 

Here, you can bring the emotions into perspective by looking at each one separately and thoroughly. This allows for a natural, gradual, much needed clearing of the emotional body. It’s like reaching the peak of a mountain where the air is still and you can see clearly what’s going on below because you’re no longer in the midst of it. From this point you can proceed to make healthy decisions.

Crystal Mountain Myst may be helpful when healing the lasting effects of any type of abuse, addiction, childhood trauma, or when transforming deeply-ingrained emotional patterns and false belief systems, such as those adopted in childhood or during unhealthy relationships, etc. Again, it allows you to give each wave of emotion the time and attention it needs in order to effectively release it. Crystal Mountain Myst is also excellent for use with pets and plants. It can be used over long periods of time.

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