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Although there is some discussion in the gem world as to whether or not a Pink Tourmaline falls under the heading of Rubellite, this description will apply to both the pink and the red varieties of Tourmaline.


This lovely Tourmaline radiates its innate empathetic qualities outward in all directions—one can’t help but be affected by its wonderful vibration. Rubellite, also referred to as Ruby Tourmaline, is a quick pick-me-up when you’re feeling sad and lonely, as its vibration instantly assists in transforming those feelings into ones of peace, acceptance, contentment, and self-love.


It is an excellent crystal to place upon the heart chakra after an intensive clearing or healing session and feel yourself being wrapped up in its loving embrace. Folklore tells how young women would place Pink Rubellite in a pouch around their neck in hopes of attracting their true love.


The darker hues of a Red Tourmaline, being much deeper than that of pink, will naturally work more closely with the red, Root Chakra and such energies as those of the immune system, the level of vitality or chi in the system, survival issues and financial well-being. These can all be positively influenced with Rubellite’s vibration. Rubellite is a natural when it comes to enhancing many other stones, adding more strength and depth to their own healing abilities.


This lovely point measures approx. 8cm tall x 2.5cm wide at its base

Pink Rubellite Point

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