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Unit 2: Dream Recall

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Sometimes it's not easy to remember your dreams. In this second unite of Dreaming with the Stone People, we have some great tips to share that just might be able to help you out and we'll introduce some Stone Beings who are quite skilled when it comes to dream recall! Here is a list of the Stone Beings we'll introduce in this unit: Lesson 1: Tips On Remembering Your Dreams Lesson 2: Banded Fluorite Lesson 3: Blue Tiger Eye Lesson 4: Peristerite Moonstone Lesson 5: Chiastolite Lesson 6: Purple Fluorite Lesson 7: White Moonstone Lesson 8: Verdelite Lesson 9: Silver Topaz Lesson 10: Hypersthene If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:




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