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Innate Gifts Unit 7: Communicate with Other Realms

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In this course we'll take a look at some stones that can assist you in communicating with other earthly realms, such as those of the Fairy kingdoms, Tree Dryads, Elemental dimensions, and we'll explore some of the intelligences that dwell the watery worlds of the Water Beings. Here is a list of the Stone Beings we'll introduce in this unit: Lesson 1: Bixbyite Lesson 2: Hiddenite Lesson 3: Fulgurite Lesson 4: Eosphorite Lesson 5: Seraphos Green Quartz Lesson 6: Selenite Lesson 7: Amber Lesson 8: Rutilated Quartz Lesson 9: Uvarovite Lesson 10: Fluororichterite Lesson 11: Danburite Lesson 12: Abalone, Mother of Pearl & Paua Shell Lesson 13: Freshwater & Ocean Pearl Lesson 14: Corals & Sponges If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:




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