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Unit 3: Decoding Your Dreams

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Need help decoding your dream messages? In this unit of Dreaming with the Stone People, we explore some of the beings who can assist in decrypting those perplexing images and phrases so you can apply this valuable information in your waking life. Here is a list of what we will explore in this unit: Lesson 1: A Few Examples of Dream Interpretation Lesson 2: Blue Lace Agate Lesson 3: Dendridic Agate Lesson 4: Green Serpentine Lesson 5: Vesuvianite Lesson 6: Hessonite Lesson 7: Sodalite Lesson 8: Purple Amethyst Lesson 9: Gem Silica Lesson 10: White Stibnite If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:




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