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Unit 2: Quartz Crystals & Configurations

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Quartz & Crystal Configurations is divided into 3 units or courses, each containing different crystals with natural and unique configurations and amazing abilities. Do consider joining us in this second unit of Quartz Crystals & Configurations as we learn how to identify some of these unique crystals through their geometrical configurations and markings and learn how to work with them. Some of the crystals in this unit can assist you to navigate through difficult times and draw in what's needed to manifest the very best outcomes in your life, and much more. Here is a list of what we will explore in this unit: Lesson 1: The Enhydro Crystal Lesson 2: The Scepter Quartz Lesson 3: The Self-healed Crystal Lesson 4: The Twin Crystals Lesson 5: The Isis Crystal Lesson 6: The Spirit Quartz Crystals Lesson 7: The Elestial Quartz Lesson 8: Rainbows in Crystals If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:




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