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Unit 3: Quartz Crystals & Configurations

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In the third unit of Quartz Crystals & Configurations we learn to identify and work with crystals that can help keep you grounded and bring in your original pattern of intention for your life, explore your past and future alternate lives, clear and transform negative energies, and more! We sure hope you'll join us! Here is a list of what we will explore in this unit: Lesson 1: The Grounding Crystal Lesson 2: The Dow or Trans-channeling Crystal Lesson 3: The Star Rose Quartz Lesson 4: The Time Link Crystals Lesson 5: The Pink Lemurian Crystal Lesson 6: The Clear Phantom Quartz Lesson 7: The Chlorite Phantom Quartz Lesson 8: The Amphibole Phantom Quartz If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:




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