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Unit 5: Meditation & Quiet Times

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We all have a need to slow ourselves down at times and enjoy the serenity of calm moments. The Stone Beings know how to slow the vibrations down. They know the tranquil, quiet places, underground, and they know the peacefulness that Earth has to offer humanity, so who better to assist us in to reach that same stillness within ourselves? Here is a list of what we will explore in this unit: Lesson 1: Gem Silica Lesson 2: Leopard Skin Jasper Lesson 3: Nebula Stone Lesson 4: Clear Topaz Lesson 5: Peridot Lesson 6: Iolite Lesson 7: Smoky Brandberg Amethyst Lesson 8: Green Aventurine Lesson 9: Brown Moonstone If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me: Disclaimer: The material contained in these courses is intended to be of informational and educational interest. Researching toxicity information of rocks and minerals is the responsibility of each individual. We will in no way be held responsible for any damage or claims resulting in the use/misuse of the information contained in these courses.




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