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Winter Moon Essence allows you a direct connection with Earth and the spiritual realms.

Its vibration can assist you to re-humanize yourself by transforming unhealthy patterns or imprints.

When I co-create a wintertime essence with nature, I leave it outside overnight in the elements to freeze. Most often, the essence will show me its form as a natural ice sculpture (I refer to these as Ice Essences). In the above photos, Winter Moon shows itself as a bridge.

WM LIQ 4.jpg

The vibration of Winter Moon Essence is a bridge that allows us to bypass the corruption running rampant amid the current human reality, and when used with intention, allows us a personal, direct one-on-one connection to the energies of Earth and those of the universe. The essence can assist us re-humanize ourselves by changing the destructive patterns we've been following and regain proper alignment with Earth and the cosmos and the true destiny that humanity was meant to follow.

On a personal level Winter Moon Essence offers assistance to those wishing to create a more intimate bond with Earth, a deeper connection to spirit, or for those who desire to bring their own system back into a healthy, balanced ecosystem.

Although the tendency for us is to follow patterns that are already in place (such as those we were imprinted with during childhood and those we adopted in other various points throughout our lives), while using this essence we may find that we can no longer tolerate old, dysfunctional patterns and unstable energies because they are not in alignment with who we are now. We may create a boundary around ourselves and push these energies away, and may also notice that these energies push us out, as well, simply because we no longer fit into their reality. 

The Earth has its own unique patterns and realities, as does the entire universe, and yet, their interaction is harmonious. Sadly, the human reality is like a swath in the middle that, let's face it, is not aligned with neither the planet or the universe. Humanity is meant to be in harmony with both, but instead, humanity is out of alignment with its ecosystems. A direct reflection of this imbalance is the presence of more and more disruption and disease. We, both personally and as a society, need to make a genuine effort to realign with life.

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