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Virgo Flow Elixir is for times in your life when you're feeling restricted and need to open up

and make changes.

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This elixir was born under a waxing crescent moon in Virgo during a meteor shower. Its vibration works well on the emotional and spiritual levels, but its goal is to enhance the physical experience.

Working with flow, nourishment and expansion, Virgo Flow Elixir is for times in your life when it feels as if all doors are closed to you or there seems to be something blocking your path at every turn. Directing this vibration through your intention to wherever you sense your energetic flow is obstructed, its frequency may assist to open, expand and utilize energies in a healthier way.

In the emotional body, its vibration can aid in removing a backlog of suppressed or stuck feelings and open up to an unimpeded flow of love and peace and new and original ideas that you can put to practical use in your daily life.. Spiritually, it may assist to strengthen faith, expand awareness of the unknown and nourish the soul.

As an atmospheric cleanser, every spritz is like a burst of fresh air!

You can purchase Virgo Flow Elixir in our shop

I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

what I've learned over the years in a series of online courses. If you're interested

in learning more, you can visit my courses here:

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