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Seven Sisters allows a direct connection to the Pleiades star system and the lost land of Lemuria.

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Well, this essence was a total surprise to me! When I was preparing to co-create this essence with nature, I left part of the intention up to the universe; asking to only to bring through what was most needed on Earth at this time and that it be for healing. When I went outside to check the essence after a few hours, I was surprised to see a multi-pointed star etched on its surface. How curious! (I've had to darken the photos a bit to show the star.) As it turns out, what was in the air under the powerful full moon on this particular evening was an abundance of valuable information coming in from the Pleiades star system. 

A rather unique essence, Seven Sisters is a must for those interested in tapping into the constant stream of messages presently transmitting to our planet from the Pleiades, located in the constellation of Taurus.

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The essence contains the vibration of a Channeling Quartz crystal, which assures a clear and direct connection to the Seven Sisters. The highly intelligent beings from the Pleiades are eager to be of assistance and are very interested in sharing their knowledge with those of us who are capable of receiving it.

Teachings from the Pleiades are of similar flavour to the concepts brought through from the lost land of Lemuria. The people of Lemuria were a sensitive and empathetic civilization who were quite adept when it came to the more subtle senses, such as keen intuition and exceptional telepathic abilities. These abilities can be honed within yourself while using this essence.

The Quartz Channeling crystal used in the essence contains time links; including a time link to the past, as well as an inner time link. The crystal also contains records on its facets. Seven Sisters vibration can also be used with the intention to connect directly to a personal, alternate life (past life) during the time of Lemuria or simply to explore the way of life and history held there.

There is so much knowledge to be gleaned through these connections—so, tap in and be prepared to expand your awareness!

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