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The vibrations of Rose Gold Elixir can help to draw you out of hopelessness and despair.

Rose Gold.png

Rose Gold Elixir is for times in life when your hope levels are at a minimum. Its vibration can carry you out of the worry-filled, stressful times and draw your attention into the world of what-if and the golden promises that await you.

A lovely little nugget of Gold and a beautiful Star Rose Quartz sphere were added to these elixir waters and set out under a full moon lunar eclipse.

The native mineral, Gold, draws only positive energies into the essence. The beautiful Rose Quartz crystal brings in an abundance of loving, heart energy. A Rose Quartz sphere containing a star in its aura lets you know that it’s inviting in an unseen realm; and in this case, it is called in the realm of hopeAs the essence vibration mingles with your own, it’s encouraging you to shift your focus away from today’s problems and concerns and instead to focus on the hope of future probabilities—because tomorrow is a brand-new day!

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I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

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