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Revive Essence can help you to deal with stress, hopelessness and disappointment

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We've all experienced those times when life feels flat, boring and hopeless and we don't see any solutions to our problems. It seems like things are never going to change and looks as though life isn't going to get any better. At the extreme, we perhaps begin to lose interest in life itself.


The truth is, possibilities and unlimited potential surround us in every moment—we are literally imbued with them—but when we're in a funk, we just can't see them. Revive Essence is overflowing with potential! Mingling with and amplifying your own personal energies, the vibration of Revive stirs and awakens a sense of enthusiasm and expectancy, bringing that feeling of knowing something amazing is about to happen but you can't quite articulate it yet! When you're in this state of anticipation wonderful things can begin to happen! Revive is welcome relief in the emotional realms to those experiencing stressful situations, bouts of depression, SAD, prolonged illness, or just plain boredom, to elevate your mood and get you back to the business of life!

I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

what I've learned over the years in a series of online courses. If you're interested

in learning more, you can visit my courses here:

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