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Quiet Elixir can help to still your thoughts, silence the mind.

large ring around moon.jpeg

Large halo around the near full supermoon

A huge halo encircled the moon as this elixir was born on a silent midwinter evening. A large polished Dow Quartz crystal was added to this elixir and it was set out overnight just two nights before a Full Blood Supermoon. A Dow Crystal differs from other Quartz Crystals because it has the ability to branch out into many unseen realms simultaneously as it is sends and receives light or information. Anchoring its roots into the different realities, it anchors itself into each one. A Dow can take you deep, deep into the dream realms or help to hold you in a state of contemplation or deep meditation.

This elixir is also very effective when you have those nights when you’re trying to sleep, but your thoughts are all over the place, or the same thoughts spin and spin in an endless loop. Its vibration helps to calm your energies as it pulls you into the center of self, quieting the emotions, calming the fears, thereby muting irrational thinking so you can focus. It’s also the perfect choice to use before an exam, before going on stage, or when experiencing an anxiety attack, and it's a wonderful elixir to use with children at bedtime.

quiet elixir.jpg

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