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This puffy heart is lightly banded with soft, pastel, lavender hues, with just a hint of green.


Yttrium Fluorite’s vibration is beneficial to those who have experienced severe trauma, PTSD, devastating loss, heartache and grief. The wonderful thing about working with Yttrium Fluorite is that its frequency allows an individual to work in waves during a healing process, and only to the degree that one can comfortably handle at any given time, so as not to cause further overwhelm.


You will find Yttrium’s vibration is much more subtle than that of other Fluorites. As its energetic pattern pulsates outward in the form of gentle waves, its vibration stimulates imagery in the mind’s eye and accompanying emotions connected to painful memories. These energies flow up into consciousness in search of acceptance, comfort, healing and ultimately, resolution and release.


As well, we do quite a bit of healing during dreamtime when our consciousness switches from waking life to the dream realms. As Fluorites are well-known dreaming stones, try slipping one under your pillow at bedtime with the intention to process the issues and then pay attention to how you feel about them in the morning.


Sometimes trauma is carried over life-to-life or even through ancestral lines for generations to come. For those wishing to work with Yttrium Fluorite to heal wounds from past/simultaneous lifetimes or ancestral imprints and bring an end to the pattern of pain, simply let Yttrium Fluorite know your intention and work with the stone.


Yttrium Fluorite is also helpful to those suffering from serious illness or imbalances, as it will eliminate further upset or distress, while still allowing the individual to process issues in a timely fashion.


This heart measures approx. 5.5cm tall x 6cm wide (#1485)

Yttrium Fluorite Puffy Heart #1

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