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For times when you feel stuck in anxiety, hopelessness, or depression and cannot see a way forward, Yooperlite, with its gentle, swirling, energy pattern can help you break free and quickly spiral you out of the gloomy shadows and into a much brighter state of mind and emotion.


Yooperlite fluoresces dazzling, brilliant, colours when viewed under UV light waves. This actually shows you the bright possibilities and realities available, as you begin to see things in a different light.


Its vibration can help disentangle your energies when you feel trapped in a relationship, in a job you dislike, or in any other situation that cuts you off from living your best life. Yooperlite can also set your mind free when it spins in repetitive loops of negative thinking that only serve to further intensify fear and dread.


This small tower measures approx. 9cm tall x 3cm wide at the base

Small Yooperlite Tower

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