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What a treasure Sunstone is! Imagine a nugget of Sunstone tossed into body of water and sinking until it reaches the murky depths where it begins to illuminate the darkness, picking up bits of light and reflecting their radiance back up to the surface. Similarly, when used for personal healing, Sunstone penetrates deeply into the realms of the unconscious and allows what light or information held there to be reflected back into consciousness. This can be valuable to those who have been traumatized but are unable to access the memories buried within. For those actively searching for lost or disconnected parts of self, Sunstone is just the helper they need to draw themselves back together. This stone may also be able to assist individuals in a coma state.


For children suffering from night terrors, Sunstone can be used like an ethereal nightlight! Experiment with combinations of Sunstone and other gentle, joyful stones, such as Rose Quartz, to soothe and add a sense of safety and tranquility for a peaceful night’s sleep.


This heart measures approx. 5.5cm wide x 5cm tall

Sunstone Puffy Heart #1

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