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When energies enter into Smoky Quartz not all of it passes right on through; some of the energy refracts back to its origin. Due to this ability, Smoky Quartz is often used as a personal protection stone. You can work with Smoky Quartz by stating your intention that any energy traveling in your direction that is healthy or life-enhancing for you, you will readily accept, but that which is of ill intent, will return to the sender.


You can also set your intention with Smoky Quartz for any type of clearing and cleansing work. Smoky Quartz can be of tremendous help to nervous, hyperactive, individuals to assist with calming, simply because the crystal will absorb some of the excess energy.


Smoky Quartz crystals are valuable for atmospheric cleansing, as well. Practitioners can place them in their healing rooms as filters, or use them at the end of sessions to clear lingering energies that were released from a client’s system. Also, they’ve proven to make an excellent crystal ball, as Smoky Quartz spheres have been used for scrying all throughout history.


This heart measures approx. 5.5cm wide x 4.5cm tall

Small Smoky Quartz Heart

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