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This red Garnet attracts an abundance of fire—fire from the sun and fire from the earth. With excellent grounding abilities, it vibrates in harmony with the Root Chakra, stimulating passion, sexuality, and creativity within.


Brimming with inspiration and hope, Almandine is a wonderful stone for those who are disillusioned, lethargic, or suffering from loss or unfulfilled desires, to ignite those passions and get them moving once again! A great relationship crystal, Almandine can assist in activating your fire centers and set them ablaze, adding excitement and vigor to personal partnerships.


Almandine is also a good placement crystal in the home for spaces where stagnant energies have been contained and are in need of stimulation and liveliness. Placing Almandine on the earth in full sun greatly assists with its cleansing and recharging.


This palm stone measures approx. 5cm wide x 5.5cm long

Small Almandine Garnet Palm Stone

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