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This definition applies to Pistachio Calcite, as well as Green Calcite. Possessing inherent balance, Green Calcite aligns readily with the heart chakra. It is a wonderful assistant for improving the flow of energies throughout the entire system, as it naturally draws in an abundance of light and energy. This crystal can help to ground an individual who has suffered shock or trauma, to quickly bring them back to their senses, and may also assist with such issues as dizziness or vertigo.


Green Calcite can be helpful to use after a crystal healing session to set upon the heart chakra to assist the system to quickly find its equilibrium. Working with the emotional body, Green Calcite kindles such feelings as peace and hopefulness, as it draws joy into situations of despair. The presence of Green Calcite is wonderful for those beginning new relationships, new marriages, or any such unities of the heart.


The frequency of Green Calcite cleanses a cluttered mind, enabling one to receive information clearly. Seers and psychics can use this crystal after sessions to clear afterthoughts and to quickly bring themselves back to their center. It is also a communication crystal that works well with the plant kingdom.


This large palm stone measures approx. 5.5cm wide x 9cm long

Seafoam Green Pistachio Calcite Palm Stone

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