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It's rather rare, but sometimes you will find Rhodonite stone with Hematite in it and this beautiful heart indeed contains both. Rhodonite is an internally-working stone. In the emotional realms it is a valuable helper when one is attempting to transform unhealthy core patterns or imprints adopted during childhood, as well as, past life/parallel life patterns. Rhodonite deals with the building blocks that create belief systems (the structures upon which your life currently operates) to assist in bringing them more into alignment with your greatest sense of purpose.


As a healing stone, Rhodonite works with foundation and structure—specifically the energies that manifest as cell structures that create and maintain the strength of bones/marrow and teeth. Due to the elements in its own molecular structure, it is capable of accessing DNA patterns within the human system. Its action is gentle and subtle, much like a chiropractic adjustment, but its vibration is strong and the ramifications are far-reaching.


Hematite is an excellent grounding stone and is helpful in times of confusion or when you are otherwise having difficulty concentrating. Hematite assists with clarity and focus by drawing together and organizing scattered energies or thoughts in the head area, drawing them downward and grounding them into the body. This greatly assists at times when you need to make important decisions. It is the perfect stone for students to use during exam time! Hematite works well in combination with most other stones.


This heart measures approx: 5.5cm wide x 5.5cm

Rhodonite with Hematite Heart

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