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Que Sera Stone can contain a number of different stones within its make-up, such as; Silica/Blue Quartz, Magnetite, Kaolinite, Clinozoisite, Leucozene, and Feldspar—which might account for its overload of activity! With sparks flying off in all directions, this stone creates quite a ruckus. It’s perfect for breaking up stagnation, either in the human system during a crystal healing session or in the home—in any avenue of life where things feel sticky or clogged up, this stone will certainly stir everything up to the surface and get it dancing. Que Sera Stone may also be particularly helpful to those suffering from bouts of depression.


Que Sera Stone and Llanite are both terms used for this stone. Although their mosaic appearance and composition are similar, it is referred to by different trade names depending upon the locality in which it is found. It is called Llanite if it is from Llano County, Texas, but referred to as Que Sera Stone if it is from Brazil.


This darker-hued Que Sera heart measures approx. 4.75cm wide x 4.5cm tall x 2cm thick (#1582)

Que Sera Stone Puffy Heart

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