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Orca Agate’s work is with creating balance. Its dark, black hue is one that openly welcomes and embraces all other colours—it is inclusive. White can be seen as exclusive, as it deflects or pushes all other colours away.


A stone of harmony, Orca Agate proudly displays both and can show you how to find the balance between seemingly opposite, yet interconnected, forces. Orca Agate's vibration is helpful in situations where you have new additions coming into your life. For instance, when a new baby is born, pretty much everything in your life changes; Orca Agate can assist everyone involved to adapt and reharmonize.


Perhaps you're blending or uniting two families into your household, or moving into a new neighbourhood, attending a new school or place of employment. Orca Agate helps to ensure that transitions are smooth and effortless.


Maybe there's that one odd person in your life that you just can't seem to get along with. Just like a robin and a blackbird with nests in the same tree, Orca Agate's frequency can show you how to co-habitat when necessary.


This large translucent palm stone measures approx. 6cm long x 5cm wide x 2cm thick. (#1815)

Orca Agate Palm Stone

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