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Just look at the green mossy inclusions in this beautiful heart! Moss Agate is a wonderful dreaming aid! MossAgate works with patterns, perception and placement, and for dream purposes, it can greatly assist with drawing ideas and information from the dream realms into the conscious mind.


Dreams bring valuable knowledge from past or parallel lives and probable futures from the unconscious mind into your present awareness in the form of stories—and of course, their messages can have an impact on your waking life or you wouldn’t be having the dreams.


Moss Agate's vibration assists with dream interpretation by helping you to put dream imagery or symbolism into a perspective that is both rational and comprehensible and, again, will show you how the information applies to situations in your present waking life. In personal healing, Moss Agate readily aligns with the energies of balance in the heart chakra.


This lovely heart measures approx. 6.5cm wide x 6cm tall x 1.5cm thick. (#1798)

Moss Agate Heart

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