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If sunlight could be condensed into a solid form, I’m sure it would closely resemble Yellow Calcite! Calcite attunes well to the human system and this particular colour speaks of the transmission of light through to the physical realm. Vibrating in tune with the yellow, solar plexus chakra and into the orange, sacral chakra, Yellow Calcite’s specialty is discernment. Working with Yellow Calcite is like lighting a lantern in a darkened room; you suddenly notice things you had previously overlooked and you discover many new possibilities you hadn't noticed before.


Emotionally, its vibration shines light into situations and concerns, assisting you to sort out and discern what is best for you in your current situation. On the spiritual level; again, helping to bring in the understandings needed and to discern, out of all the information available, which is going to shed the best light on your present situation.


Heart measures approx: 8.5cm W  x 7.5cm H (3.1" Wx 2.9" H)

Palm Stone measures approx: 7cm L x 4cm W (2.7" W x 1.5" H)

Lemon Calcite Heart & Palm Stone

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