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Rose Quartz is a heart stone. Bringing with it a sense of balance, it is a very good cleansing and clearing stone. Its energy pattern moves in a slow and gentle, swirling motion, as it emanates qualities of peace, comfort and trust. Rose Quartz is incredibly empathetic toward humans, due to its long history in working with us.


Just sitting quietly with Rose Quartz is incredibly therapeutic, as it envelops you in its vibration of complete acceptance and love. For the novice who is just beginning a friendship with the Stone Beings, this friendly stone for children, as again, it is quite responsive. Using Rose Quartz in crystal healing session can soothe tension and fear and promote relaxation. It is an excellent cleansing crystal to use wherever gentle clearing is required or where you need to take the edge off or calm an overactive area.


You can also send the vibrations of other stones through Rose Quartz to soften and balance their energies when working with delicate parts of the system. It is a wonderful crystal for practitioners and counselors to place in their office or treatment rooms.


This palm stone measures approx: 6cm wide x 7cm long

Large Rose Quartz Palm Stone

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