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Black Agate’s frequency picks up and echoes the deep, deep rhythms of the planet, right down to her very heartbeat. Its vibration reminds us of who we are. As humans, we are part stardust, part Earth. We pick up the threads of her encoded frequencies, interpret them and weave them in with our starlight—and then live them as a life—heartbeat guideing us through.


An exceptional stone for soul searching and tracing ancestral lines, its vibration can pull our awareness down into our core, through the feet and into the planet. Here you are. How deep do you want to go? How many layers of human history do you want to go through? How deeply do you want to be part of this Earth?


This large tumbled Black Agate measures approx. 4.5cm x 2.5cm x 3cm tall (#1737)

Large Black Agate Tumble

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