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Lapis Lazuli is the gem form of Lazurite—and this old mystic stone loves to travel! With Lapis as your ally, you’ll have an excellent guide during dreamtime or astral travel.


Directed through your intention, Lapis Lazuli can lead you on many exciting journeys into a myriad of realms. Working with the Third Eye Chakra, it can help you reach many inner places, as it enhances inner vision during meditation and dreamtime.


Lapis can help you retrieve lost or clouded childhood memories or can be useful when exploring past, alternate, or future lives. It is of value to crystal healing practitioners to assist individuals in clearing memory blocks that are preventing further growth and development in their lives.


In the everyday world, Lapis Lazuli can assist in helping you to change your life path and direct you onto a healthier avenue, while continuing to propel you forward.


The sphere is approx 6cm in diameter (2.3" dia) and comes with a metal crown stand studded with acrylic gems. 

Lapis Lazuli Sphere & Stand

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