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There is some discussion in the gem world as to whether or not Honeycomb Ruby is a natural formation. Whatever the case, Honeycomb Ruby conatins all of the innate qualities of Red Ruby and still glows beautifully under UV light , but the many llittle pockets in the matrix slows down the overall frequency a bit.


Ruby is a good crystal to work with at any time you’re feeling imbalanced or disconnected from self. It is so helpful for those who spend too much time in their heads, to help ground them and plant their feet back in the earth. Ruby is also a great manifesting aid and is perfect for any task or project you are about to begin that you want to add an overall deepness or extra grounding and vitality to.


This lovely little point measures approx. .2cm x 1.5cm x 4cm tall(#1471)

Honeycomb Ruby Point

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