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Green Strawberry Quartz


The vibration of this silica-based is much like Green Aventurine, yet stronger. The green vibration tells us that this stone works with the Heart Chakra, enhancing and fostering such innate qualities as courage and strength. Because this stone vibrates in the green frequency it naturally balances any energies passing through it.


During meditation, its vibration can assist you to find that quiet space within, as if placing a dome around yourself to contain your personal energies. In this way, Green Strawberry Quartz is a protector, as it doesn’t allow other energies to enter your personal bubble.

Also a wonderful guide for night-time dreaming or astral travel, a journey with this stone would be like calmly drifting in a boat, rather than a fast-and furious-ride in a rocket ship—taking you deep, while keeping you balanced and centered.


This palm stone measures approx. 5cm wide x 7cm long

Large Green Strawberry Quartz Palm Stone

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