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Those actively involved in dream work or astral travel will love working with Golden Tiger Eye. A journeying stone, it can take you to places beyond your imagination!


When light or energy passes through this Tiger Eye it flows and spreads out into many different planes of vibration, as you can visually see in the stone itself; this is why it casts so many different reflections of light.


Golden Tiger Eye doesn’t need to be directed with your intention, as it holds its own agenda, and if you choose to work with it, you’ll just simply have to go along for the ride. It can take you on adventures you may think would be dark and foreboding, but this stone of courage knows its way around in such realms and you may be quite surprised at what you discover.


In waking life, Golden Tiger Eye can help an individual to escape rigid thinking by revealing the many different possibilities and perceptions that are actually available to them. You can’t play with a stone like this and stay in one mind-set very long! This is another great choice for those who work in the creative fields, such as writers, poets, and artists.


This small palm stone measures approx. 4.5cm wide x 5.5cm long (#1194)

Golden Tiger Eye Palm Stone (small)

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