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The vibration of this crystal travels so deep, it stirs the soul! Just as its name infers, it is blazing with powerful, fiery, energy that can be helpful in so many situations.

If you’re a writer suffering a block, the frequency of Fire Quartz can stimulate, inspire, and activate your creative centres, setting your imagination alight! Similarly, if you’ve been experiencing downtime or boredom in your day-to-day grind, Fire Quartz can spark you back into life and get your inner waters flowing.


It is a wonderful helper during a healing session to uproot and unclog energetic blockages in the system and get things flowing through freely again. Setting Fire Quartz on any of the chakra centres can give energies a much-needed kick-start!


This heart measures approx: 4.5cm wide x 4cm tall

Fire Quartz Heart Pocket Stone - #2

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